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Review Roots Highway, Italy

Reviewer: Marco Poggio (02/08/2012), Italy


The Shineolas:

Album: Quirkphony [DMI Records 2012]

Quirkophony , debut album on behalf of Bruce Gerrish and The

Shineolas . The Canadian by adoption, but American by birth, is not in

fact a rookie, having on his shoulders a career more than thirty years,

but only now comes to the much-coveted goal of the work before.

What interests us most of his musical personality is obviously the first

aspect, the songwriting blossomed at an early age and honed with the

passage of time, also because of a life spent largely on the

road. Intense years with the guitar as the only faithful traveling

companion, during which many faces and many stories are paraded in

front of the singer-songwriter, originally from Minnesota. Stories that

Gerrish has internalized and then transpose them on staff, giving rise

to a handful of compositions finally go to make up the backbone of

Quirkophony. The result of this long process of writing are thirteen

songs that draw equally to the country, to roots rock and the Texas

Swing, to witness how the roots of our music are firmly in the tradition

of their country of origin. Already in the opener I wanna new life , with

lap steel and mandolin now on display and more than infectious

refrain, or runaway and electrical Man down , shows his preference for

sounds of country roots, recalling in more than one juncture that

Robert Earl Keen, with whom Gerrish seems to have much more of an

affinity. Definite maybe , and You do not know shit from Shineola , they

turn instead toward the Texas Swing: the first piano and lap steel to

dictate the time, while in the second large space is left in a horn

section in great form. Winds that we find, this time however

impression mariachi, even I said I do but that, with lots of accordion,

apparently written to be played in some forgotten bar Tjiuana. The

singer-songwriter side of Gerrish emerges when times are slow, as in

buffettiana and solar power, beginning with the title, A sunny place for

shady people , or in the ballad night, for solo acoustic guitar and

piano, Tonight , which refers to the Lyle Lovett more intimate. musical

influences of a long stay in the New Orleans' experience in sound crazy

experiment Jumbo shrimp , in which the joyful atmosphere of the "Big

Easy" merge with stylistic country, a bit 'like Willie Nelson and his

Family Band unite, during the celebrations of Mardi Grass in a wild jam

on horns of the Dirty Dozen Brass Band. At the end of the latter,

almost unnoticed, appears an unexpected hidden track, a small

acoustic reprise of A sunny place for shady people , able to far surpass

in beauty and intensity that present in the tracklist "official" album . A

hard honest and sincere Quirkophony , which relies on the

contributions of a swarm of valid instrumentalists, united under the

name of The Shinolas, expertly directed by the experienced producer

Bill Buckingham. A name to pinning for the future, to Bruce Gerrish,

hoping to not have to wait a long time before you can listen to his new



Review Euro Americanna Chart, Holland

Reviewer: Rein van den Berg (02/08/2012), Amsterdam,NL

Bruce Gerrish and The Shineolas

Album: Quirkphony [DMI Records 2012]

"Quickophony" from Bruce Gerrish and The Shineolas is a very good

record and if you're not in the right mood to party, this record will bring you there and not many records do!

Review: Beale Street Magazine , Belgium

Reviewer: Francois (Swa) Braeken

The Shinolas

Album: Quirkphony [DMI Records 2012]

"Qiurkophony" is a very nice acquaintance with Bruce Gerrish and The

Shineolas, a musical chameleon who ranges from the bluesy and gospel like "Red River" to the Jazzy "Jumbo Shrimp" in a extra effort to musically entertain you an me. Mission accomplished 


Review: The Province Newspaper, Vancouver Canada

Reviewer: Tom Harrison

" Bruce Gerrish is a smart writer and funny writer . He share's Jimmy

Buffetts generous perspective along with his own unique and diverse songs that touch on everything from Roots, Jazz, Blues and beyond".                                           Tom Harrison, Vancouver Province.


Review: Rootstime, Belgium

Reviewer: Freddy Celis

The Shineolas

Album: Quirkphony [DMI Records 2012]

Bruce Gerrish is a new name in the world of first album releases. This

does not mean that he is a young, novice artist. On the contrary, he

has been very much musical honing. He started like many young

people making music at the high school of his city Minneapolis. After

completing these studies, he moved to New Orleans to urge friends of

the family to work. Friends who were the owners of the famous

Preservation Hall in the French Quarter of New Orleans. During his

stay there he received a musical bath immersion in jazz, cajun,

country blues .... In short, everything in Louisiana of styles can be


For this first album, he called on a friend from Vancouver: producer

Bill Buckingham and he got help from many beautiful people from the

Canadian roots music scene. The most famous is of course Steve

Dawson, a bit of the godfather of Canada roots music. But also a

quality label. The album consists of 13 self-penned songs that contain

a multitude of styles. That's just the main asset of this record: the

diversity that makes this "Quirkophony" continues to fascinate.


The album reminds me in terms of atmosphere and playfulness also a bit

like the plates of Jimmy Buffet. The opener "I Wanna New Life" is a joyous

song with a country and gospel influence through the use of dobro and

backing vocals. Strongradio friendly song. "Man Down" will continue in the

same line: fast, exciting pace, few voices and a boogie feeling where Dr.

Of Radio 21would nod approvingly. Also cheerful, upbeat and with a big dash of

bluegrass and boogie piano in the song "Montana Man".

But they can also be a different repertoire. For example, "Red River" a

song that is more reminiscent of Little Feat. Pumping organ, backing

vocals and slide guitar are the main constituents of this song.

Furthermore, these songs definitely get a mention: "Coulda, Shoulda,

Woulda," a happy sounding song reminiscent of Lyle Lovett and Bruce

at the end where a New Orleans brass band to show up. "I Said I Do"

a song with TexMex accordion solo best Augie Meyers tradition. One of

the best songs of the album is "Treadmill" with clever guitar work of

Robbie Stieninger reminicent of Ry Cooder.

Misfits on the plate are the two final numbers. "You Do not Know Shit

From Shinola" is a swinging song with pedal steel and brass that you

can describe as honky-tonk country with a dash of New Orleans. Think

back to Lyle Lovett and Jimmy Buffet.

Domino Pastiche.

It has apparently taken a long time for that Bruce Gerrish his first

record but that might just strength: it is a diverse album with many

great songs and beautiful moments. Fans of roots music is cheerful,

which is not always the case in this genre, this record should definitely

give a listen.

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