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THe sHinE-oLas

Tasty Sounds from the Sweet Lowdown



Cover Art Ray Romano 

Click CD above for Shineolas Album

The Shineolas CD 'Quirophony" 

Co produced by Bill Buckingham & Bruce Gerrish,

The ShineOlas- “quirkophony” is a long-awaited collection of thirteen catchy, quirky and memorable compositions presented in a rollicking rootsy-country and bluesy Americana style. With diverse and eclectic songs such as: "I Wanna New Life", "A Sunny Place for Shady People", "Red River", "Absolute Definite Maybe" and "Jumbo Shrimp', the album presents a seamless paring of Folk, Swing, Blues, Jazz and more Traditional Country and Texas Swing. The Shinola’s sound is reminiscent of other artists such as: Lyle Lovett, John Prine, Roger Miller, John Hiatt, Tom Waits, Little Feat, Guy Clark, Robert Earle Keen, Quikophony is distributed in Europe by DMI Records.


Bruce Gerrish- vocals and guitars 

Bill Buckingham- drums, bass, keys

Robbie Steininger- guitars, dobro, mandolin, ukulele

Pat Covernton- piano

Sam Shoichet- upright bass

Steve Dawson- pedal steel 

Rick May- electric bass 

Joby Baker- drums

Jim Pugh- Hammond B3, piano

Blaine Dunaway- violin, trumpet

Henry Blackburn- soprano sax, clarinet

Zach Losier- trumpet 

Eric Johnson- trombone

James Inkster- lap steel


With backing vocals from: 

Karen Larson

Joannie Bye

Linda Kidder

Jillian Michaels

Lindsay Janes

Shelley Stevens  




The Shineolas Trailer- Live at Parksville Sand Castle Concert 

The Shineolas- Live at The Nanaimo International Jazz Festival 

The Shineolas- Electric Four Piece_Duncan Showroom


The Shineolas- Full Show- Duncan Showroom 


The Shineolas- Islands Folk Festival- Acoustic Trio 


Music Samples

The Shineolas- Music Overview 

The Shineolas- I Want a New Live 

The Shineolas- Red River  

The Shineolas- I Said I Do But

The Shineolas- Montana Man 

The Shineolas- I Want a New Live 

The Shineolas- You Wouldn't Know Shit From Shinola

The Shineolas- Treadmill

The Shineolas- Sunny Place For Shady People

The Shineolas- Definite Maybe 

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